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We make it easy to find quality tradesmen, reviewed by other homeowners.

BobUp supports your project

We know the experience of our partners

We know what our tradesmen like to do and what they do best. Therefore we will suggest you trustful professionnals, interested by your project. Plus, we checked them on administrative and financial grounds and they are reviewed by other homeowners.

We help you get their quotes

Once you have encountered the tradesmen of your choice, we follow up your project so you’ll receive their quotes in due time. We help you compare them if necessary.

We help you obtain renovation and energy grants

Is your project eligible for a renovation or energy grant? Our team will inform you and help you through the steps to obtain it.

Your project is covered by our insurance

All our users benefit from our insurance for free. Your project is carried out with serenity.

The better way to find a trusted tradesman for free.

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