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Our insurance

Why an insurance?

Your project is finally entering its materialization phase, you certainly experience feelings divided between happiness and anxiety. Because in most cases, you build or renovate the house of your life and you have no room for error. You are likely to experience moments of doubt regarding the success of your project, starting at the tradesman's choice. Especially since you have probably heard in your surroundings echoes relating to various disputes during construction/renovation projects or after completion of the work.

So, is this an obstacle course? Not quite, because while the disputes are very real, there is less talk of projects that end unhindered and do not rise to any particular concern. The slowness of court proceedings due to a backlog of cases also fuels these fears.

If it is therefore necessary to put things in perspective, it would be unwise to ignore the risk: disputes exist, they occur on a daily basis, without necessarily being major events. It is not uncommon for the conflict to become bogged down or for the parties to be reluctant to take legal action because of the (disproportionately) high costs of a legal proceeding compared to what is at stake in the dispute. BobUp is meant to help you building and renovating peace of mind. This is why, in addition to the verifications that we carry out on each professional, we offer a legal protection insurance in mediation to all our users, for works projects of more than 1,000€ VAT excluded. So even though we've never faced a conflict between a BobUp user and a tradesman to date, you can be sure that BobUp is there to help you.

What does this insurance cover?

The costs incurred in defending your legal interests, up to a maximum of €1,750, namely:

  • the fees and expenses of the mediator approved by the Federal Mediation Commission, freely chosen, the fees and expenses of any legal and technical advice that may be required;
  • the costs which remain to be borne by the insured for the approval of the mediation agreement.

In the event of a conflict, you are free to choose the lawyer who will defend your interests in the list proposed by the Federal Mediation Commission.

Why did we choose mediation?

The choice of mediation is not insignificant and is advised by the Confederation Construction. It is an amicable way of settling a dispute between two or more persons, companies or other parties. An independent and neutral expert called the mediator assists the parties to reach an acceptable settlement together and independently. This practice is so successful that even the courts are increasingly encouraging it.

The mediator ensures that dialogue, listening and understanding between the parties are restored. He puts his knowledge and experience at their service during negotiations. A 'trialogue' is thus created between the parties involved and the mediator, without the latter expressing a personal point of view.

Mediation is:

  • Effective:
    more than 75% of the mediations have a favourable outcome,
  • Fast:
    a few meetings between the parties are normally sufficient to reach a compromise,
  • Sustainable:
    A mediated solution is easier to comply with than a court decision or an arbitration procedure, since the parties themselves have sought it,
  • Impartial:
    The mediator defends none of the parties and ensures that discussions are conducted with respect and dignity,
  • Recognizable:
    By using a certified mediator, the parties can have the solution approved by the judge. This offers an additional guarantee of compliance with the agreement,
  • Confidential:
    All information exchanged verbally or in writing remains confidential. The mediator may never be called as a witness, in the event that mediation fails and the dispute goes to court,
  • Peacefulness:
    In mediation, the parties seek an acceptable solution to their conflict together and in a serene manner. It may well be a partial solution.

What should I do to benefit from it?

By finding your tradesman via BobUp for projects of at least €1,000 excluding VAT, you are automatically covered as soon as we receive the signed contract with the tradesman.

You can send us a scan or a photo of the signed contract by e-mail to or a copy by mail to our office address:

BobUp Belgium Rue de Ransbeek 230, 1120 Bruxelles